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Unveiling the Layers of Israel’s Past

The Israel Historical Society—or IHS for short, is a group of passionate historians, on a compelling journey to discover and confirm Israel’s glorious history through archaeological excavations, research, and study. As seekers of Truth, we are committed to providing reliable evidence to educate a global audience with solid corroboration and facts, concerning the infallibility of the sacred Torah, as written (spoken) through the ancient, Holy Prophets of Israel.

The History of Israel

Israel Historical Society

Our Mission: Is To Seek Truth, Preserve History, And Educate Nations

“Remove Not The Ancient Landmarks, Which Your Fathers Have Set.”

King Solomon

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We cordially invite you to consider joining the Israel Historical Society, in a capcity that is right for you. We have different levels of participation that include: 

         A. FRIENDS
         B. PARTNERS
         C. COLLEAGUES


The Birthplace Of The Prophet Samuel And The Location Of The First School Of The Prophets (Prophetic College)


The Stronghold Of ZION, The Capital City!


The Eternal Fountain Of YWYH.

Interactive Historical Map

Explore Israel’s Historical Sites

IHS will continually update this section to provide you with up-to-the-minute news on the most recent discoveries, including pictures, videos, maps and an assortment of other data, AND how you might be able to work with us at various levels…


Discovered in 2004 by Eli Shukron.


Excavation at Shiloh


Workers sifting through excavated soil taken from the Temple Mount area.

Upcoming Video Events and Lectures

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“Information about upcoming events, including dates, venues, and brief overviews, encouraging community participation and learning.”


Become a Member: Join Our Passionate Community

  1. FRIENDS Level is our free community of like-minded people.
  2. PARTNERS Level requires recurring donations to help support/build IHS, with the possibility of joining the IHS team in Israel on upcoming Tours and Events.
  3. COLLEAGUES Level is deep entrenchment in the work, studies, excavations, and research as an ongoing Member of the IHS Team.


This is a free community engagement level.


This is a special level of highly guarded interaction and involvement.


This is a straight-up, Team Level relationship, that will be hands-on, academically and archaeologically.

IHS Educational Outreach

Educational Programs and Initiatives

“Information on educational programs, school collaborations, and public workshops, emphasizing our society’s commitment to education and outreach.”

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Visual Journey
Through Time

We will be posting amazing and informative videos here so we can educate a global audience from around the world concerning the Treasures of Israel!

Donations and Support

Support The Mission

“Information on how to support the society, including donation options, fundraising campaigns, and sponsorship opportunities”

A One-Time Gift

Every donation, no matter how small, effectively helps us in the procurement of advanced arahaeological equipment, permits and licensing, research, administration and project development.

Recuring Monthly, Bi-Annual & Annual Donations

We wholeheartedly welcome people who are committed to unearthing the treasures of Israel, and educating a global audience with the finds… Let History Speak!!

For Even Deeper Committed & Colloborative Partnerships

Our Vision is to build a global team that will work closely with IHS in all aspects of operations locally, regionally, and even to the ends of the earth!

Testimonials and Community Feedback

Hear From Our Community and Members


We want to have an open forum here of friends, partners and colleagues who can share from the amazing experiences, discoveries and impact—their involvement in IHS ihaving in their lives, as well as in their realm of influence.


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